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Play it food safe

Most people think they handle and prepare food safely, yet statistics show the majority of food poisoning occurs in the home.

Food poisoning can be very serious, particularly for vulnerable sections of the community such as the elderly and children. However, preventing food poisoning is simple if foods are handled and stored correctly.


Here are some simple steps to handle food in a safe way:

▪ Clean hands, utensils and benchtops with hot soapy water during and after use

▪ Separate foods such as raw meat, cooked meat, eggs and fruit and vegetables to prevent cross contamination in the fridge and when cooking. Use separate utensils and chopping boards

▪ Cook foods especially eggs, chicken and mince, all the way through to kill bacteria.

▪ Chill perishable foods below 5̊C. Foods left out in the danger zone, between 5̊C and 60̊C for more than four hours should be thrown out


Visit the Healthy WA website for more information and tips.