Nido supports bread tags for wheelchairs

It’s the little things that count, and they don’t come much smaller than the humble plastic bread tag. The Bread Tags for Change initiative is the perfect example of how lots of people taking the smallest of actions can add up to an enormous difference. And Nido is delighted to unite with the truly worthwhile cause that is Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs.

#BreadTags: What’s it all about?

Plastic blights our planet. From the deepest sea trenches to the highest mountain peaks, the substance infiltrates and affects the Earth’s delicate ecosystems. No-one is more passionate about addressing this issue than the founder of Bread Tags for Wheelchairs, Mary Honeybun.

Keen to not only do her bit for recycling plastic, she created an innovative way in which others can benefit others as well. As an ex-nurse, this South African was well aware that the majority of people in her country who needed a wheelchair were unable to afford one. So what better way to address this than to partner with a plastic moulding company (Zibo Containers) who would take them for recycling.? The funds raised could then be used to purchase wheelchairs for those who were unable to buy one themselves.

The Aussie Connection

This was in 2006, and it didn’t take long for the people of Oz to get wind of the program. People began to send bread tags to the cause, and those who travelled there collected them in their own locality and transported them to be donated there. When Adelaide radio station, 1079 Life, brought it to the attention of the wider Australian audience, the idea began to snowball. By 2018 enough Aussies were collecting bread tags to warrant setting up a national collection service.

Today, our wonderful nation boasts over 350 collection points located in every state and territory, and over 100kg of bread tags are being recycled every single month.

Get on Board: Join Team Nido in this Worthwhile Cause

Bridging the divide and bringing greater wellbeing to those in need doesn’t always need big ticket actions – in fact, it’s more about lots of people making a tiny effort that equals massive benefits. Working as a team we really can make a difference.

So how can you help?

  1. Bring your bread tags in from home
  2. Collect tags from local cafes and restaurants
  3. Follow our progress online and see how many wheelchairs that Team Nido (with your help) have supplied to those in need

It really is that simple…

Discover more at and follow Team Nido’s progress at Together we can all do our part to create a better and more sustainable future for today and the generations to come.